A-Level Education

A-level (Advanced Level qualification) courses are the ‘Gold Standard’ qualification for top universities in the UK, and the rest of the world. This is because they are a great indication to employers and higher education institutions (universities) that you’ve studied a subject thoroughly.

The very best universities, including Oxford and Cambridge and most medical schools, only accept students with outstanding A-level grades.’

The A-Level program is perfect for students who already know exactly what they want to study and want to take that passion to the highest academic level. You can pick any combination of three or four subjects. You’ll receive all the guidance and support you need as you choose your classes so you will end up with a timetable that lines up with the degree you intend to pursue at university and your career goals. Co-curricular activities, university advising sessions and IELTS preparation are also key elements of EF Academy’s A-Level program.

University preparation
• A-Level for students 16-19 years old. Entry English level – IELTS 5.5

A levels allow a student to study their chosen subjects at a greater depth than other qualifications. It means students can choose 3 (occasionally 4) subjects which really interest them and ones they wish to pursue. This affords greater subject knowledge before a student moves to their next stage in life.

Great grades and exam results are an important part of a strong university application. Exam preparation is a fundamental part of an education at Royal Russell School. From one-on-one sessions with teachers and your Pathway Manager, to regular study groups and TOEFL/IELTS classes on the weekends, we do everything we can to help you prepare for exams so you can send universities a stellar transcript.

This course is for academically strong students who want to progress to the UK’s very best universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

The A-level program is for you if:
You know what degree or career you want to pursue.
You want to focus your attention on only a few classes.
You’re interested in attending university in the UK.
Why choose Royal Russell?
Highly qualified teachers

All our teachers are subject specialists. Many hold a second degree or equivalent qualification, including PhD.

Individual approach

You will have regular personal progress testing and skills analysis. Dedicated professional support teams are always available for help and advice.

Very small classes

Small class sizes, taught by highly engaging and talented staff. You will have plenty of one-to-one contact with your teacher.

Royal Russell A Level subjects
Broad A-Level subject choice

A-Level are designed to move you a step closer to your future goals. Royal Russell offer unique study programmes focused on providing you with the latest skills, experiences and qualifications to enable you to pursue a career or University degree in a particular area of interest.

You will need to choose a minimum of 3 or 4 A-Level subjects. It is important when choosing your A-Level combinations to choose the right subjects for the career that you will want to pursue.

What grades do I need to take A levels?

• at least five GCSEs at grades 9 to 4/A* to C.
• at least grade 6 in the specific subject(s) you want to study.

The A Level course lasts 2 years. Students choose 4 subjects in the first year (AS Level), then specialise in three of those in the second year.

A-level Art and Design

Art can open the door to careers in Graphic Design, Photography, Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Web and Game Design and many more.

A-level Biology

Biology is one of the most fascinating scientific disciplines, giving you in-depth insight into the inner workings of the world.

A-level Business

Delve into the fascinating world of marketing, leadership and strategic decision-making with A-level Business.

A-level Chemistry

Develop a stronger understanding of the world and prepare yourself for a fascinating career in industries such as medicine, chemical engineering or dentistry.

A-level Computer Science

The study of Computer Science has completely transformed the modern-day world as we know it and you can be a part of how it will shape our future.

A-level Design and Technology

Course offers a broad range of practical opportunities and allows students to develop their own design brief, in response to a context task.

A-level Drama and Theatre

Acting skill and knowledge, the development of historical and cultural changes from the Greeks to modern day and how they have influenced theatre.

A-level Economics

Proven to be one of the most favoured A-level subjects by universities, studying economics helps you think critically and problem-solve.

A-level English Language

The English Language is one of the most fascinating and expressive mediums. Deepen your understanding with this A-level English Language course.

A-level English Literature

Tap into a wealth of inspiration and creativity with A-level English Literature.

A-level Mathematics

Numbers are the language of science and progress. Get ahead of the game and future-proof your prospects with the Edexcel Maths A-level.

A-level Media Studies

Exciting and dynamic subject which reflects on the roles that newspapers, films, television, online media, advertising and the music industry play in society.

A-level Geography

The planet we live on is beautiful, complex and fascinating. From the rugged mountains to the deep blue oceans, there‘s so much to discover and explore.

A-level History

One of the most respected arts subjects, A–level History will boost your communication, analysis and critical thinking skills.

A-level Foreigh Languages

Immerse yourself in a beautifully expressive and rich language spoken across five continents with A-level Modern foreigh Languages.

A-level Physics

Explore the building blocks that form our universe and delve into the science of tomorrow with A-level Physics.

A-level Politics

Develop stand-out analytical, evaluative and critical thinking skills with our AQA A-level in Politics.

A-level Philosophy

A-level Philosophy will challenge you to think outside the box, as well as provide communication, analysis and critical thinking skills that will last a lifetime.

A-level Music

Develop a range of skills, knowledge and understanding in music, embracing creative and interpretative analytical aspects of the subject.

A-level Music Technology

Course include music recording and production techniques, sound and audio technology.

A-level Photography

Students will have the opportunity to develop personal responses creating work using a range of photographic media, techniques and processes.
A* Students sharing their stories

Listen to the interviews with various students involved in the A Level education in Royal Russell school. The students will share their experiences, their motivation and why they think their involvement is beneficial for the organisation with you.

Education Greater Focus
Education Greater Focus
By specialising, students are better prepared to study their chosen degree subject at university.

The three A levels, alongside clear guidance and support from the School’s Careers Team, will allow students to choose the subject degree and university destination from a position of strength.

Should a student not be clear about what they want to study at degree level, the skills and content acquired through studying A levels are highly valued by Higher Education. A very wide range of degree options will still be available for the vast majority of A level choice combinations.

Skill Acquisition

Alongside greater subject depth, the A level course is structured to allow a student to develop a range of skills which are highly valued by Higher Education and Employers:

• Independent Research.
• Presentations.
• Collaborative work (research, testing, discussion, presentation etc).
• Work to timed pressure.
• Coursework (not all subjects).

Terminal Examinations

• The A level courses conclude with final examinations.
• There is the possibility of sitting A/S examinations* (usually halfway through the course).
• Many subject courses include either: coursework/practical work/oral exams as part of the package in which a student will reach their final grade.

Choice of Examination Boards

This allows the school to opt for the board which delivers the syllabus deemed best suited to the students. Boards offer iA levels (international A levels) which are specifically designed for students who do not have English as their first language. These qualifications carry exactly the same weight as A levels and treated as such by all Higher Education institutions and employers.

The iA level from some boards (CAIE, for example) offers AS levels* as part of the overall A level. This allows the student to take a percentage of their qualification halfway through their course. A student can assess their progress as the results are released two months after sitting the AS levels. Should the result(s) be strong (as, hopefully, they will be) it means there is less pressure on the student for the terminal examinations.

The AS results can be submitted in the university application process. Should the result(s) not be as strong as desired, the student can resit these papers at the end of the course with no disadvantage to their overall A grade(s) or university/workplace application(s).

University Destinations
A Levels graduates are accepted by all UK and many international universities. Top A Level grades are a prerequisite for entry to Medical School and elite universities like Oxford and Cambridge.’

The standard entry requirement for many UK University courses is either: A-Levels, International Baccalaureate, or your own Country’s equivalent certificate(s). UK Universities vary in the pass grades and/or number of subjects they require; and for specific courses you may need to have passed certain subjects.

Royal Russell University destinations