Royal Russell Admissions

We’re delighted you are considering Royal Russell for your child. You will receive a warm welcome from the first phone call, during your visit and throughout the joining process. We are happy to answer any questions and guide you through the admissions process. Our Open Events are an ideal way to learn about the life of a Russellian. We’re very excited about being able to welcome prospective families back for a guided tour of our beautiful campus where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have during your visit.

If you are interested in visiting Royal Russell school in Vilnius and applying for a place, please email [email protected]

If you agree that Royal Russell offers an outstanding educational experience within a family school and would like to register your child, please complete our online application form or get in touch via email or give us a call. We look forward to welcoming you.

Admission process

Children are admitted to our school according to the procedure established by the institution, which is considered completed after the parents have paid all the fees related to the child’s admission and signed the education contract.

Admission procedure
• Online application.
• Individual interview with the family.
• Familiarization with Royal Russell philosophy, pedagogues and educational environment.
• Assessment of maturity and knowledge of the child.
• Signing the contract.
Required documents for registration
• Application.
• Copy of birth certificate or passport.
• Contract.
• Child’s health certificate.
• Summary assessment of achievements from the former educational institution.
• Certificate of residence declaration for pre-school and pre-school classes, if applying for municipal compensation.
Guide to year groups

The Royal Russell school follows the English National Curriculum, and allocates children to year groups in the same way any school in the UK would. The table below provides the age to year group placement as well as an equivalent to the Lithuanian curriculum.

Having seen how the British Curriculum is structured, it is important to understand how this system can benefit your child. Each education system provides unique benefits to learners based on the explicit and implicit goals of the educational framework.

Age as of 1st of September Year Group (UK) Year Group Equivalent Lithuania Key Stage Grouping
2 Pre-Nursery Nursery Foundation/Early Years
3 Nursery Nursery
4 Reception Nursery
5 Year 1 Nursery / Year 0 Key Stage 1
6 Year 2 Year 1
7 Year 3 Year 2 Key Stage 2
8 Year 4 Year 3
9 Year 5 Year 4
10 Year 6 Year 5
11 Year 7 Year 6 Key Stage 3
12 Year 8 Year 7
13 Year 9 Year 8
14 Year 10 Year 9 Key stage 4
15 Year 11 Year 10
16 Year 12 Year 11
17 Year 13 Year 12 Key stage 5 / Sixth form