Junior School

Our teaching goes beyond the National Curriculum, stretching children’s imaginations and encouraging them to think independently and creatively. Topics are brought to life through inspirational teaching and exciting activities and trips.

Children experience a smooth transition from the Reception class and embrace their new opportunities and responsibilities with enthusiasm.

With our small class sizes we are able to know your child well and provide the individual attention they need to succeed, both academically and in the extensive range of co-curricular opportunities on offer. Our robust process for tracking pupil effort and attainment enables us to challenge and stretch children in those subjects where they demonstrate higher ability, whilst providing additional in-lesson support in those areas they may find more difficult.

Royal Russell learning environment
• Junior School for children aged 5-11 years old.
• School Opening hours – I-V: 08.00 – 17:30
• School Academic hours – I-V: 08.00 – 16:00

We create education for today and the future. Being able to gather information is an easy task for all of us, but being able to select this information is very important. In today’s society, it is important not only to follow orders, but also to take the initiative in creating your future success. We believe that the best way for a child to take responsibility for his choices and decisions is through learning, developing his personal motivation, and creating his future. We raise self-confident, determined and active global citizens who pave the way in modern society through their experiences.

School hours are 8.00am to 4pm. Our children feel happy, secure and supported and enjoy coming to school. Through exceptional teaching, extensive co-curricular opportunities and the warm relationships they enjoy with all members of staff, our children develop the self-confidence and academic skills needed to move beyond the Junior School to our Secondary School.

Royal Russell child-initiated learning

Learning takes place on the child’s own initiative. Ability to choose activities that are interesting to the child, learn through personal experience.

Accredited international Royal Russell school

Royal Russell school in Vilnius educate according to the British Primary Education curriculum, which is recognised internationally.

Exceptional educational environment

Our educational environment is designed to encourage children’s curiosity, motivation to learn and create, to cooperate, to work in a team.

Royal Russell - British school in Vilnius
Learning enrichment
Royal Russell is a family school and we pride ourselves on creating a supportive learning environment where pupils can thrive and become successful, independent learners.

We put the pupil at the heart of everything we do, making sure we know the strengths and areas for development for each Russellian. Ensuring that our most able pupils are intellectually stretched is at the core of what we do. This is achieved through our academic extension programme which ensures pupils are set extension tasks is appropriate subjects, receive mentoring, access seminars and lectures in their subjects of interest, and participate in national and international competitions.

We aim to assist those pupils who require additional support in order to reach their maximum potential. The team also support parents and subject teachers with additional guidance and strategies when required.

Academic ambition, focus and talents

Academic ambition and our focus on each individual’s talents and strengths ensure success at each stage of our pupil’s learning journey. Every member of our outstanding teaching staff is passionate about providing the best possible educational experience for every student. Our pupils are encouraged, nurtured and, where necessary, driven to reach their full potential and achieve their goals and our excellent public examination results reinforce the success of each of our pupils.

We admit a carefully balanced community of pupils to the school, those who bring and share their many talents and skills, reinforcing our values and motto – ‘non sibi sed omnibus’ (Not for oneself but for all).

Through our tutor system and small class sizes, we know each student individually and can provide bespoke guidance and outstanding pastoral care. Parents are regularly informed of effort and attainment grades and the results of standardised assessments and aspirational targets are set, relative to each pupil’s ability in each subject.

Royal Russell 21st century education

We create education for today and the future. Being able to gather information is an easy task for all of us, but being able to select this information is very important. In today’s society, it is important not only to listen, but also to take the initiative in creating your future success. We believe that the best way for a child to take responsibility for his choices and decisions is to learn, developing his personal motivation, and creating his future.

Accredited international school

Royal Russell works with leading educational professionals, receives support in the integration of educational programmes, and daily activities: preparing educational plans, assessment system, teacher training, setting up classrooms, using best practices since 1853. At Royal Russell school, education is carried out by integrating the UK Primary Education and Royal Russell programmes. Our education is conducted only in English.

International community

Our community is very diverse – both families and teachers come from different corners of the world, different nations and religions, so everyone is welcome and loved at Royal Russell School. We are united by common values, aspirations and goals, language, and traditions and internal culture are reflected in the Royal Russell heritage.

Interweaving of age groups

Children of different ages at the Royal Russell School successfully cooperate with each other, learn from each other, observe the abilities and skills of their elders, try to model, and develop the competencies needed for adulthood. Such interweaving encourages older pupils to be more creative and playful, to take into account the abilities and needs of the younger ones. For younger children, this method of education develops a sense of responsibility, encourages them to acquire new skills, and learn cooperation, teamwork with people of different ages, interests and intelligence.

Royal Russell Internation shool in Vilnius
Royal Russell School Sport
Participation in Sport, at all levels, is at the heart of our ethos at Royal Russell. Sport teaches teamwork, resilience, discipline and all important lessons in winning and losing.

We believe in sport for all and from the earliest age our girls and boys enjoy a range of sports and games. In our school educational setting, children have specialist PE, Games and swimming lessons, making full use of the extensive facilities on offer.

In the Junior School, children are coached in a wide range of sport including football, netball, basketball, cricket, gymnastics, athletics and trampolining. With our small year groups, all children participate in regular competitive fixtures against local schools, children of all abilities enjoy representing their school.

School competitions and our Sports Days for all children from Kindergarten to Year 6 encourages all children to do their best in a fun, nurturing environment.

Royal Russell Sports Football
Royal Russell Sports Swimming
Royal Russell Sports netball
Royal Russell Sports Gymnastisc
Royal Russell Sports Hockey
Royal Russell Sports Running
Senior School transfer

Royal Russell Junior school is fortunate to be on the same site as our Senior School. This provides the benefit of an uninterrupted and seamless co-educational experience for our children and ensures that siblings can continue to be educated within the same setting. By the end of Year 6, children are extremely familiar with the School campus. Children move with ease and confidence into Year 7, fully prepared for the exciting new challenges ahead.

Children are assessed at the end of Year 5 and offered a place ahead of external candidates. Royal Russell Senior school offers a broad and enriched curriculum and an abundance of co-curricular opportunities.

Royal Russell primary school transfer
Royal Russell primary school transfer