We are delighted that you are considering Royal Russell for your child. We are one of the best UK schools which means we value the things which make each of us distinctively brilliant.

Royal Russell welcomes children from different communities with all cultural backgrounds, as well as children with special needs.

Our aim is to build upon every child’s natural curiosity. We inspire a love of learning, exploration and creativity. We offer a safe and well-resourced learning environment designed to stimulate imagination, social interaction and the development of a range of skills, ensuring that your child will grow in confidence and be fully prepared for transition into the next step of their educational journey. We focus on the joy of learning, happiness, self-esteem and confidence.

Royal Russell learning environment
• Kindergarten for international children 1.5-4 years old.
• Reception for children 4-5 years old.
• Kindergarten and Reception working hours – I-V: 08.00 – 18:00

We promote a caring, happy ethos and value working in close partnership with families to meet the needs of each child. Our vibrant learning environment and our highly qualified, dedicated staff combine to support all our children through their first steps of development.

Kindergarten at Royal Russell has to offer:
Impressive, purpose built, Early Years Centre designed with the needs of our youngest children in mind.
Stimulating areas enabling a fully free flow, child led experience.
All classes are 100% instructed in English by certified native speaking teachers from the UK or other international countries.
Specialist teaching staff for swimming, dance, music, French and art and design.

Leaving your child for the first time can be a daunting experience for you. Our caring family atmosphere ensures that your child will quickly settle into their exciting new routines, make friends and become confident early learners. As professionals in the field of early years and preschool education, we consider our mission to be the development of the child’s personality. Which is to instil in them the so-called soft skills – self-confidence, inner freedom, the ability to express one’s thoughts, creativity, curiosity for new things and a thirst for knowledge.

Our teaching goes beyond the National Curriculum, stretching children’s imaginations and encouraging them to think independently and creatively. Topics are brought to life through inspirational teaching and exciting activities.’
Royal Russell Kindergarten and Reception advantages
  • An indescribable international atmosphere created by empathetic professionals, with international experience, who are united by a love for their profession.
  • Teaching children 100% in native English due to the fact that we have teachers and assistants from the UK.
  • Staffing and group size – each group has 1 teacher and 2 teaching assistants, ensuring excellent levels of supervision.
  • Wonderful location of a kindergarten in a separate, completely renovated building, where everything is done to be safe and suitable for children.
  • Equipped with modern toys and the latest devices for teaching children – we have provided the kindergarten with the most modern equipment and the latest toys necessary for the development of skills, such as fine motor skills.
Learning environment

Royal Russell learning spaces, also known as studios, are flexible and designed for play, learning and discovery. Each studio includes children of different ages who support each other and cooperate in the daily educational process. Such an environment fosters a culture of respect for the right of another person to develop and learn. Our children do not seek higher grades, but personal growth and expansion of horizons, learning while experiencing joy and satisfaction with their results. Respect is the foundation of every skill that is developed at Royal Russell nursery. We respect our time, friends and our learning environment. Children collaborate with educators to create school and class agreements. It is important to us that every child has the right to quality, undisturbed education for himself and his friends.

Royal Russell - British Nursery in VIlnius
Royal Russell - British Nursery in VIlnius
Royal Russell - British Nursery in VIlnius
Royal Russell Teaching & Learning

Our extensive learning environment, led by our dedicated and fully qualified teachers, combines spacious and stimulating classrooms and amazing outdoor opportunities. These daily opportunities create a fully free flowing holistic experience between the indoor and outdoor environments. This provision ensures that children are challenged and readily make connections in their learning, inspiring high levels of creative and critical thinking. There is a joy to learning in the Kindergarten. Our youngest children are encouraged to take risks and experiment in order to learn intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally in the security of a warm and nurturing surrounding.


Our enabling environments help all children develop self-confidence through positive relationships and enduring friendships. Our Nursery build on this secure foundation developing resilience and the important characteristics of our Moral Compass: kindness, generosity, honesty and integrity.

Firm Foundations

Our small group learning successfully underpins secure development in essential skills in phonics, literacy and numeracy. This promotes early independence in many areas of learning and is continually assessed and communicated. Parents and family share their child’s learning adventure.

Specialist Teaching

Subject experts from across the School work alongside our dedicated Nursery team to create a myriad of rich and varied learning in Drama, Art, Music, Computing, Dance, Swimming and PE. This adds to the already vibrant experience. The latest technology integrates seamlessly with the children’s learning experience.

Wrap around care

Our morning and evening wrap around care supports families and children. We offer a variety of delicious, healthy and varied meals. We offer holiday club during half term and longer holidays so that children are cared for in a familiar setting whilst still being part of our Royal Russell family.

What Royal Russell nursery in Vilnius has to offer:

Our Kindergarten is the first step on a learning adventure that leads to our Reception, the Junior School and beyond.

Throughout the day, our Royal Russell children join in many activities, including choosing and learning time, music, swimming, cooking, reading in our inspiring Library and outdoor play.

Kindergarten activities Include:
Arts and Crafts
Outdoor Sessions
Making Music
Story Time
Transition to Reception

Our dedicated team support the Kindergarten children with the move to their Reception classes. The children will already be familiar with Reception teaching staff and the environment that awaits them and children are encouraged to explore all areas of learning through the free-flowing shared learning environments.

Children experience a smooth transition from Kindergarten to Reception class and embrace their new opportunities and responsibilities with enthusiasm.

Royal Russell Nursery - Vilnius
Royal Russell Reception Nursery
Our values