Royal Russell Team

We create education for today and the future. Being able to gather information is an easy task for all of us, but being able to select this information is very important. In today’s society, it is important not only to follow orders, but also to take the initiative in creating your future success.

Our teachers encourage students to incorporate their imagination and curiosity to enrich the learning process.

We believe that the best way for a child to take responsibility for his choices and decisions is through learning, developing his personal motivation, and creating his future.

Royal Russell world-class professionals

At the Royal Russell, we recruit highly qualified education professionals who are experienced and fully committed to providing outstanding international and British education to children and young adults. Together with our team we ensure that students learn and grow within a caring community. By working together, supporting each other and having fun together, we have created a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Living by our motto Non Sibi Sed Omnibus, we encourage the qualties and values of resonsibility and giving – make Royal Russell special.

Headmaster’s welcome
We are a family school, which means we value the things which make each of us distinctively brilliant.

The son of a soldier and diplomat, Steven was educated at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School completing his studies by reading History and Theology in York.  He has been teaching in UK independent and international schools for over 20 years with 15 years of experience as a senior leader in schools.

Royal Russell School, Vilnius will be the third school for which Steven has overseen the opening and growth phase.  Most recently, he was the Founding Headmaster of Maida Vale School in London, which opened in Sepetember 2020.

Steven has a wide range of interests. He is a keen musician and singer; enjoys travelling taking the opportunity to walk in mountainous areas as often as possible; and he is heavily involved in sport especially historic motor rallying. He is looking forward to working with whole the Royal Russell School community both in London and in Vilnius to creating a community which brings to life the school’s values and motto ‘non sibi sed omnibus’ (Not for oneself but for all).

Steven Winter

Royal Russell School Vilnius - Steven Winter
Royal Russell School - Vilnius - Pauline Holt
Pauline Holt
Head of Junior School

With 19 years of combined teaching and headship experience, Pauline Holt works diligently to support teachers, students, and families as they work towards an education that is inclusive, excellent, and inspiring.

A love of teaching and a passion to promote a high level of personal and academic growth in all pupils in my care is a core value that I continue to work to achieve here at the prestigious Royal Russell School in the heart of Vilnius.

It is my strong belief that school should be a happy, comfortable place where expectations are high and pupils are given the encouragement and support they need to flourish. We live in an ever changing and fast paced world and here at Royal Russell we provide an education that is progressive, challenging and skills based.

For me, it is important to maintain and develop our Royal Russell core values, namely pupils who are ambitious, open, distinctive and courageous. These values are embedded within our learning community and guide everything we do whilst creating a nurturing yet challenging learning environment where every student can thrive and excel not only academically but as individuals too.

Here at Royal Russell we are very proud of our impressive students: their thirst for knowledge, strong international identity and willingness to accept the challenges that are presented to them. They are the best advert for the school and I would encourage you to visit us here in the heart of Vilnius to see for yourself.

Royal Russell Vilnius - Giedre Golubovskaja
Giedre Golobovskaja
Director of Admissions and Marketing

After working in the education industry for several years, Giedre opened Royal Russell School, Vilnius. She sees her role as ensuring that prospective families have the very best experience of our School as possible understanding how importance of our family community. A mother of 3 herself, she works diligently to provide the kind of school she would want for her own children and the kind of service she would want to receive as a parent.

Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian
Royal Russell School Vilnius - Giedre Sniriene
Giedre Sniriene
School Office Manager

Giedre is a Vilnius local, with a Bachelors degree in Social Education (Socialine Pedagogas) and a Masters in Education. She also has completed Kimoji courses and is our school’s expert on emotional communication.  She considers the holistic health and well being of every child, and uses her knowledge of Best Practices to create a safe and nurturing environment for the children in her care.

Qualification: MA Education, BA Social Education (Socialine Pedagogas)
Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian
Royal Russell School Vilnius - Kristy McLean
Christy McLean
Year 2 Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator

Hailing from Scotland, Christy has a British PGDE (Post Graduate Degree in Education) in Primary Education as well as a TEFL certification. She has also completed courses in Active learning, Phonological awareness and Learning through play. Christy creates fun and engaging lessons and fosters confidence and creativity in every child she meets.

Qualification: PGDE Primary Education
Languages: English, French
O’lena Volkova
Year 1 Teacher

Hailing from Ukraine, Olena has a Bachelors and Masters in Teaching English Philology as well as a Post Graduate Certificate from Cambridge Education for International Teachers. She has worked in International Education since 2005 and brings years of experience and confidence to her classroom.

Qualification: BA Education; MA Education, English Philology; International Teacher Certificate from Cambridge Education and ECIS, Child protection in an international school (The National College London)
Languages: English, Ukranian, Russian
Royal Russell School Vilnius - Radek
Radek “Rad” Nicholas Patrick Huget
Reception Teacher

Hailing from the UK, Rad has a degree in 3D Design and Materials Practice from Brighton University and Qualified Teacher Status degree from the University of East London. Rad believes that it is important to develop children’s curiosity and that there is no such thing as a silly question. His teaching style is fun and energetic and he uses his knowledge of Best Practices to create a safe and intellectually stimulating environment for the children in his care.

Qualification: Qualified Teacher Status
Languages: English, Polish
Royal Russell school in Vilnius - Jacqueline Bills
Jacqueline Bills
Early Years Practitioner, Lead

Hailing from the UK, Jacqueline, “Jackie”, uses her knowledge of British Education to create a warm and welcoming environment for her students. Jackie has an NVQ2 in Early Years and is a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience working with children in this capacity.

Qualification:Registered Nurse, NVQ2 Early Years
Languages: English
Kenia Moreno - Early Years Practitioner
Kenia Moreno
Early Years Practitioner

Originally from Ecuador, with a Bachelor in International Relations and minor in translation. Certified Spanish teacher since 2017. I worked as a private language teacher for several years in South America, Czech Republic and Lithuania. Moved to Lithuania in 2019. I’m a philologist by heart with an inner child soul. My mission is to create a safe and inclusive space where children can thrive socially, emotionally, and academically. As well, by using immersive and engaging teaching methods, I aim to inspire a passion for languages and equip students with the linguistic tools they need to succeed in a globalized world.

Languages: English
Aaron Walter
Early Years Practitioner

Hailing from the United States, Aaron is an experienced teacher with 15+ years of proven results. An educator at heart, he brings his passion for teaching and fun teaching style to the classroom that, combined with his knowledge of Best Practices and classroom management, creates a stimulating and safe learning environment. By showing empathy he encourages children to express themselves and reach their full potential.

Qualification: MBA, PhD International Relations
Languages: English
Laura Gage
Early Years Practitioner, Primary Teacher

Hailing from New Zealand, Laura has been teaching since 2017. She uses her extensive knowledge to create engaging activities and a welcoming environment for the children.

Qualification: BA Intercultural Studies, TESOL, MA English Linguistics (ongoing), TEFL
Languages: English
Royal Russell School Vilnius - Kate
Kate Prochorova
Early Years Practitioner

Hailing from Ireland, Kate has a QQI in Early Years Childcare and Education. She has several years of experience working in nurseries and creches in Ireland and brings her experience and knowledge of Best Practices to our youngest class. Kate has a gentle and calm demeanour and works diligently to create an engaging and safe environment for the children in her care.

Qualification: QQI in Early Years Childcare and Education, BA Art Studies
Languages: English, Russian
Royal Russell School - Vilnius - Laisvunas Stipinas
Laisvunas Stipinas
Physical Education Teacher

Laisvunas is an experienced P.E. teacher who uses team sports to build confidence and character. His fun lessons focus on exercising the whole body and instilling positive habits for future health. With an illustrious background in competitive swimming, Laisvunas uses his experience in competitive sports to promote sportsmanship in his students.

Qualification: BA Physical Science Education
Languages: Lithuanian, English
Royal Russell School Vilnius - Sina
Sina Dehghani Pour
Early Years Practitioner

Hailing from Iran, Sina has a Master’s degree in Social Work with Children, as well as a Teacher Training Course diploma. He has a lot of experience working with international children as an assistant social worker in Austria, Latvia, and Iran. Sina has a calm demeanour and believes that it is important to model positive behaviour for the children.

Qualification: BA, MA Social Work, PHD Educational Science (ongoing)
Languages: Persian, English, German
Royal Russell School Vilnius - Lia
Early Years Practitioner

Originally from the British Virgin Islands, Lia is currently going through a bachelors degree in Biological Sciences from Heriot Watt university in Edinburgh. She has a love for travelling having lived in 4 countries and now calling Lithuania her home. Lia believes in providing a fun and safe space through creative and engaging activities for children.

Qualification: Currently going through a bachelors degree in Biological Sciences
Languages: English
Royal Russell School Vilnius - Deo
Deo Fernandez
Early Years Practitioner

Hailing from the Phillipines, Deo has a bachelors degree in Industrial Education. He has over 12 years of teaching experience, including teaching at international nurseries and schools. Deo believes that it is important to consider the psychological nature of a child and to follow good educational principles. Deo has infinite patience and is always kind and respectful towards children.

Qualification: BA Industrial Education
Languages: Tagalog, English
Umde Umay Strazdė
Early Years Practitioner

Hailing from Turkey, Umay has an MA in Social Work and a Montessori teaching diploma. Alongside her studies, she has volounteered at the Youth Exchange program and NGO Vilnius. An educator at heart, Umay diligently works to create a safe and engaging environment for the children in her care.

Qualification: MA Social Work with Children and Youth
Languages: Turkish, English
Lolita Lekuna Lema Tchamga
Early Years Practitioner

Hailing from Cameroon, Lolita has been working in education for several years. She combines her knowledge of Best Practices with her varied experience to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children in her care.

Qualification: Technical Teacher’s Certificate, BSc Accounting
Languages: English
Royal Russell School Vilnius - Aiste
Aiste Butaite
Year 2 Teaching Assistant, Beginners Lithuanian Teacher

Currently in her final year of her bachelors program at Vilnius University, Aiste has been working with children since 2017. A philologist at heart, Aiste uses her extensive knowledge of language teacher to help our students master the basics of the Lithuanian language. Aiste is fun and energetic and the children love her lessons in Performing Arts. Aiste also organises the school’s concerts and events, bringing her infectious energy to each and every event.

Qualification: BA English and French Studies
Languages: English, French, Lithuanian, Russian
Inna Oleksiienko
EAL Teacher

Hailing from Ukraine, Inna is a diligent and proactive Teacher and Learning Coordinator with 15+ years of experience in Teaching English as a Second Language. She has a passion for teaching, coupled with skills in classroom management, as well as a calm and positive demeanour.

Qualification: MA English Language and Literature
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English
Royal Russell School Vilnius - Mirleisi
Mirleisy Izaguirre
Early Years Practitioner

Hailing from Venezuela, Mirleisy has a degree in Occupational Therapy as well as completing a course in Child Psychology. In Venezuela she worked as a Paediatric therapist, working with children with disabilities in a medical capacity. Mirleisy believes it is important to show empathy, and to engage with children on their level.

Qualification: BA Occupational Therapy, Child Psychology
Languages: English, Spanish
Royal Russell School - Julia Blochtein
Julia Blochtein
Early Year Practitioner

Artist from Brazil, with a Bachelor degree in Painting (Fine Arts Lisbon University). In 2018 decided to move from Rio de Janeiro, to Lisbon, Portugal to pursuit my passion in arts in a different continent getting out of my comfort zone. Staying in one place for long is not in my DNA, so in 2021, after getting my diploma I decided to move to Lithuania, where my family is originally from. Since then I’ve been working as a painter and illustrator in my own studio but also with kids in the Vilnius French Lyceum as an Animator. There I was able to learn about safety and integration in a playful way, taking into consideration the individuality and need of each kid. I was also responsible for bringing art to their everyday life at school in a fun way with a Drawing Club and I was also part of the Homework Team (working with small groups, helping them with reading and writing). Now it’s time for another step in my career to be able to bring and share my passion and knowledge in arts and colors to the kids in the Royal Russel Vilnius. My goal is to teach them about some art masters in a fun way, so by the end of the semester they will be able to recognize some important paintings and see the world from a different point of view, paying more attention to colors, textures, and noticing how art is everywhere.

Qualification: Bachelor degree in Painting (Fine Arts Lisbon University).
Languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish
Royal Russell School - Silvia Represas Pateiro
Silvia Represas Pateiro
Early Years Practitioner, Lead

Spanish adventurer, teacher, learner, dreamer. When she studied Social Education and Psychopedagogy in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) she understood that the importance of a healthy development lies in early education. She graduated with a Master Degree in Medical Anthropology and International Health in Tarragona where she became even more aware about the importance of mental health in our development as a person.
Silvia has years of experience in teaching children in their first years of life. She also has experience in the fields of family education and special education. Along this time she was focusing on emotional intelligence, socialization and the subject’s connection with the environment
The early years of a person’s life are key for building the personality, self-confidence and relation with the world. I believe we can achieve anything when our body and mind are in balance. My mission is to accompany and inspire children during this exciting journey.

Languages: Spanish, Galician, English, Italian
Royal Russell School Vilnius - Viktorija Zakis
Viktorija Zakis
Early years practitioner

I graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics. It’s no secret that the abilities of a child become apparent from an early age. As soon as I learned to write and count, I used to write in my classmates’ notebooks, crafting sentences with or without spelling mistakes. Then, I would correct them, write down grades, compile everything, and calculate the average for the day.

It’s said that it’s never too late to start doing what you love, and then the word “work” takes on a different meaning.

I worked as a kindergarten teacher for nearly 9 years. For 4 years, I worked as a preschool group teacher. For another 2 years, I was an art teacher. During this time, I wrote 2 books for children, which were published by ALMA LITTERA. I have learned through experience that it is important to be not only a teacher but also a friend to the children in my care, someone they could trust. The most interesting part of my profession is finding the right key to each child’s heart.

Qualification: Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics
Languages: Lithuanian, English