Royal Russell Sixth Form

Whether you are moving up from our Senior School, or joining us for the first time, you’ll find our Sixth Form full of exciting opportunities and welcoming staff and pupils.

You will be given the trust and independence to balance your studies, co-curricular activities and social life and be responsible for your own actions. In return for your effort and commitment we will give you all the support, inspiration and guidance you need.

Pupils at Royal Russell are ambitious and aiming at the best universities and a diverse range of careers. Whatever you aspire to do, we will help you get there. We will guide you through your choices and equip you with the skills you need to succeed.

If you have enthusiasm for learning, intellectual curiosity, a willingness to push your limits and a desire to get involved, you will thrive at Royal Russell. We look forward to welcoming you.

Choosing the right subjects
• Sixth Form for pupils 16-18 years old (equivalent 11-12th grades).

Choosing the right subjects in the Sixth Form can be one of the most important decisions you make. At Royal Russell, we provide a wide range of subjects at A level qualifications in Business; Sport; and Digital Film and Video Production. Most students choose 3 subjects to study. Our study programmes are complemented by a host of co-curricular opportunities as well as educational trips; a weekly lecture programme; timetabled careers lessons; a Games afternoon; Challenge Days; and a Footsteps to Futures programme.

We know that at Royal Russell, the best learning takes place with young people working together, problem solving together and benefiting from different interpretations, perspectives and learning styles.

When choosing which subjects to study you should:
Speak to your upper school team and subject teachers.
Speak to current Sixth Formers who are studying the subjects you are considering.
Consider what subjects you enjoy and find stimulating and rewarding.
Consider what you are good at and where your strengths and skills lie.
Royal Russell A-Level subjects
Wide Range of A-level Courses

A wide range of A level courses are available in Business, Sport and Media. Most of our pupils study 3 subjects in the Sixth Form, but it is possible to follow a programme of study that includes a 4th subject or an EPQ.

We encourage our pupils to set clear goals, work hard and take full advantage of the many co-curricular opportunities available, often taking leadership roles in these activities. Indeed, the Sixth Form is at the core of the School, playing a key role in all aspects of daily life. Whether as a Prefect, a team Captain, or as a mentor of junior pupils, the School helps Sixth Form pupils develop important leadership qualities.

Academic ambition, focus and talents

Small class sizes, taught by highly engaging and talented staff allow for group debate and the free flow of ideas and opinions, promoting intellectual curiosity and independent thinking, Pupils thrive in the subjects they have chosen and are inspired and enthused.

Bespoke careers advice, including timetabled careers lessons, encourages students to aim higher and choose a rewarding career. The Head of Sixth Form, Head of Careers, Heads of Year, Tutors and subject teachers all play an important role in providing appropriate advice and guidance in supporting each student’s academic and personal progress. Our Assembly Programme features guest speakers who inform and inspire our pupils across a diverse range of careers.

Royal Russell pupils achieve excellent A level results and go on to pursue degrees or apprenticeships with top universities and employers, including Oxbridge, LSE, King’s College London, PwC, Amazon, and RBS.

Sixth Form
Year 12 and 13
A Level
Option Subjects

Art and Design
Computer Science
Design and Technology
Drama and Theatre
English as an Additional Language
English Literature
Further Mathematics
Media Studies
Modern Foreign Language:
French, German or Spanish
Music Technology
Theology and Philosophy
Royal Russell Sixth Form
Our Pupil help and support

It is of paramount importance to us that our pupils are happy, feel supported and valued and form warm and trusting relationships with teaching staff.

Sixth Formers are also supported in finding work experience and benefit from our regular career breakfast and annual Higher Education and Careers Fairs.’

Our approach to individual care and attention is highly valued by our pupils and their parents. The majority of our pastoral care centres on our unique House and Tutor system. Pupils will have a personal Tutor who will get to know them well and understand their interests, needs, aspirations and concerns. Tutors work with pupils on an individual level to inspire, motivate and encourage, and ensure that their progress always remains on track.

Our Pupils deserve to achieve the very best exam results they can, but they also deserve to enjoy school, make life-long friends and future connections and leave us with fond memories of their time here. Royal Russell students aim high and leave us for highly competitive university courses in medicine, engineering, business and veterinary as well as gaining apprenticeships or employment in prestigious ogranisations.

Royal Russell Sixth Form Subjects
Royal Russell Sixth Form Subjects
Royal Russell Sixth Form Subjects
Royal Russell Sixth Form Subjects
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