Early years
The early years foundation stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning, development and care of your child from birth to 5 years old.

The high quality early education plays a significant role in promoting children’s development – both cognitively and socially. Research has
shown that there is a correlation between achievement and learning outcomes at age 5 and later GCSE results – and by extension, later achievement as well.

Laying the foundations for future success

The Royal Russell Early Years curriculum is designed for children aged 1 to 5. The programme helps teachers understand the level that children should be working at and how learning progresses over time.

Our exceptional Kindergarten inspires active learning in an unparalleled environment. Our children are creative, independent, curious and explore the world around them with confidence. Our Kindergarten is the first step on a learning adventure that leads to our Reception, the Junior School and beyond.

Early years foundation stage
Firm Foundations

Our small group learning successfully underpins secure development in essential skills in phonics, literacy and numeracy. This promotes early independence in many areas of learning and is continually assessed and communicated. Parents and family share their child’s learning adventure


Our youngest learners are part of the whole Royal Russell family and experience everything that we have to offer, participating in whole school events. Our youngest children join us for assemblies, use the library, sports facilities, and more.

The areas of learning are:

• Communication and language
• Physical development
• Personal, social and emotional development
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the world
• Expressive arts and design

Transition to Reception – Your child’s next steps
Transition to Reception – Your child’s next steps

Our dedicated team support the Kindergarten children with the move to their Reception classes. The children will already be familiar with Reception teaching staff and the environment that awaits them and children are encouraged to explore all areas of learning through the free-flowing shared learning environments.

The Royal Russell school follows the English National Curriculum, and allocates children to year groups in the same way any school in the UK would. The table below provides the age to year group placement as well as an equivalent to the Lithuanian curriculum.
Age as of 1st of September Year Group (UK) Year Group Equivalent Lithuania Key Stage Grouping
2 Pre-Nursery Nursery Foundation/Early Years
3 Nursery Nursery
4 Reception Nursery
5 Year 1 Nursery / Year 0 Key Stage 1