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Royal Russell information booklet is a must-read for every parent. The booklet holds a plethora of information including school routine, uniform expectations, methods of communication, and much, much more.

Every child who attends Royal Russell school is uniquely special to us and we endeavour to instil a love for learning, core values and experiences that will remain with them throughout their lives.

School information booklet

Royal Russell Handbook for pupils and parents is intended to provide information about daily life in the Junior School and it will also act as a useful source of information as time goes by. It cannot be an exhaustive guide to every aspect of School life so please do not hesitate to contact the relevant member of staff to ask any questions you may have. Contact details are included in this handbook.

There will be updates to the handbook as we continually develop our procedures and policies to ensure an outstanding experience for children and their families. Significant updates will be highlighted in our Newsletters.


Pupils who complete their education will attain a high level of competency across all subjects. Learning is mostly question-based with an emphasis on problem-solving, aiming to build a pupil’s ability to reason and think independently.


Teaching and learning are about making the most of a child’s natural curiosity to learn and be inquisitive. In Early Years, learning takes place principally through guided play. As work gradually becomes more structured in Primary School, lessons are planned to be exciting and engaging.

Personalised Curriculum

Teachers plan lessons with differentiated outcomes allowing for a range of achievements. This enables teachers to match each experience as closely as possible to individual needs while providing scope for pupils to be stretched academically.

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Royal Russell School Uniform

Royal Russell School Vilnius is committed to fostering a strong school identity and sense of belonging for all students. We believe that a school
uniform encourages school pride and reduces appearance related stress and bullying. We encourage children to express their individuality and have created a uniform that offers many options for customisation and personal preference.

Royal Russell School uniform is compulsory for all students attending the school. We believe that wearing a school uniform in a proud and smart manner promotes positive self-esteem and, therefore, is integral to the ethos of the school. All students are expected to arrive at school every day in uniform, worn in a tidy manner. We expect our students to take pride in their school uniforms.

All students are expected to wear PE uniforms on PE days. You will be informed about these days at the beginning of the academic year. The Headteacher will give guidance regarding the dates when summer and winter uniforms are to be worn, according to the seasonal weather conditions. Summer uniforms will be required at the beginning of the year.

Can I tour the Royal Russell school or nursery?

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] to arrange a visit during your trip so that you can truly experience the atmosphere and character of our school. You will have much to discover and consider when choosing a boarding school and we are here to help you. If this is not possible, interviews can be carried out via Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, WeChat or Zoom.

What other opportunities are there to visit the school?

We run open days, and personal visits can be arranged by appointment throught the year. Individual families or small groups are welcome to view our outstanding on-site facilities and meet our staff and pupils at a mutually convenient time during any working school day.

What is the application process?

If you are interested in visiting Royal Russell school in Vilnius and applying for a place, please get in touch with us via email or phone and you will guide you throughout the joining process.

Questions? Please contact us today.
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